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How to Give your Campground Business an Upgrade

Invest in an RV Park

Purchasing a campground

Real estate investing has recently seen an uptick in campsite franchises, and it’s easy to see why. Camping is a relatively low-cost activity that appeals to young people and to families alike. The overhead is relatively low for investors, so after you make the initial down payment, little time, energy, or capital is needed to keep it going. With that said, campgrounds are difficult to assess, and they require some annual maintenance. Whether you have a campground of your own or you’re considering an investment, here are a few ways to increase the appeal of your campsite.

Everything in Pairs

Over 60% of campers are married or live with a partner, and often, escaping into the great outdoors is a wonderful getaway for couples. Offering discounts for couples on boat rides, tours, camp equipment, or benefits for those who have been recently married are all great ways to entice couples to keep coming back to your campground.

Get Creative with your Accommodations

RV parks are making a comeback, with even more Millennials choosing to do old-fashioned RV tours. With that said, many other young people will rent RVs for one-off trips. Many others are interested in unique or unusual accommodations, such as yurts, cabins, tree houses, teepees, etc. Invest in real estate that already has some interesting lodgings, or take the time to get creative with the resort design.

Find your Niche

You may choose to invest in real estate in a location that has special meaning for you, or you may have heard about the potential in campground franchises. Regardless, you should always keep in mind that your campsite business is first and foremost a business. Therefore, you should find those special features that make your campground different from any other. South Dakota’s Blue Bell Campground, for example, is one of the last places in the United States to see bison. Lakedale Resort on San Juan Island offers high-end camping packages for “glamping” (glamour camping). Find the identity that sets your campground apart from the rest.

Ultimately, investing in a campground is a business decision. As with any other business, you’ll need to keep up with the needs of your consumers if you want continued success.

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