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Innovative Ways to Market Your Campground in the Digital Age

Market Your Campground

Camping franchise Tips

Camping is arguably one of the most enduring American pastimes. While it’s always been popular, it’s becoming even more so today, particularly among key demographics and as a means of unplugging from technology. With that in mind, it might seem like your campsite business would have no trouble attracting adventurers. But with so many campgrounds available now, your success may actually come down to marketing efforts. If you’re looking for new and unique ways to market your campground, you might want to pay attention to our tips below.

Use Social Media

While a lot of people go camping to disconnect from the constant barrage of information they receive on the internet, you can actually use these platforms to your advantage. Facebook and Instagram ads, contests and giveaways, page likes, and business reviews can all increase your overall visibility and allow you to connect with tons of people who are interested in camping. By showing these individuals that you’re up on the latest social media trends, they’ll be eager to book a trip after seeing your captivating images online.

Prioritize Name Recognition

In the digital age, we deal with a lot of seemingly opposing ideas. On the one hand, the internet has made it easier for people to find you and book a stay at your campground. But on the other, there’s a lot more competition now — and they’re easier to find, too. That means that most people aren’t going to feel comfortable taking a risk on an unknown campground with no reviews and no real web presence to speak of. That’s often why owners will opt to start or convert to a campground franchise. With a campground franchise, there’s instant name recognition baked right in. Families will trust this branding and will be more likely to stay with you simply because they’ve heard the name and are able to research it thoroughly. After all, those who take time off of work and spend money on a camping trip want to make sure their efforts aren’t in vain. With a campground franchise, you’re able to tap into that well-trusted name to boost your business and brand integrity.

Show What Sets You Apart

In a saturated marketplace, businesses of all kinds need to stand out. The same goes for your campground franchise. What makes you different from your competitors? If you’ve got a particularly kid-friendly setup, you’ll want to highlight that in your marketing. Or if you’re actually a tech-friendly campground, that’s a real plus for many visitors: in fact, one of the top three most important features to campers is access to free wifi. If you’ve got a special event space, unique add-ons, a centralized location, luxury amenities, swimming pools, or other special features, you need to tell people about these up front! These may provide exactly what your guests are looking for and convince them to book their trip with you over another option — even if the competition is more convenient or costs less!
In today’s marketing, you need to show potential visitors what you can do to make their vacation even better. It’s not about slick salesmanship; it’s about making genuine connections and improving the lives of these camping families. When you invest in a campground franchise, you’ll automatically have a leg up on the campsite competition. To find out more, please contact us today.

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