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How Much Space Do You Need For RVs?

Investing in an RV Park

Family campgrounds and RV parks

The sale of recreational vehicles (RVs) has increased over the past few years. RV’s are a great way to explore the U.S. without the worry of being too close to others while sharing a community space. In addition, it allows for travel the way you want it! Whether that be close or far. According to RVIA, there are 30 million RV owners and renters nationwide. With all these RV’s on the road, it’s important to better understand how much space you’ll need if you are planning on investing in an RV park.

Invest in An RV Park

While RVs come in different sizes, you can expect them to be anywhere from 20 feet to 50 feet long. If you are thinking about if you should invest in an RV park, you should know that you are required to have parking spots that are at least 20 feet wide. In general, an RV park should offer water and electrical hookups. Sometimes, they offer sewer hookups. When considering if you should invest in an RV park, you should be aware of what amenities you might need to offer to the RVers that park there.

RV Parking at a Campground

When considering if you want to purchase a campground and allow RV parking, you should know that generally, a campground is going to provide a larger space for an RV. This is because you provide space for the RV and grilling, hanging around a campfire, and other activities that people do while camping. Some campgrounds set a limit of the maximum length of RV for which they will provide parking.

Start with the Basic

Another option is to begin by buying a lot and build your park around this area features. You will want to ensure that the ground is level and that you can plan your park utilizing plenty of space. Hook up’s, Wi-Fi, activities and amenities should all be part of the plan.

When considering if you want to invest in an RV park, you may also want to consider purchasing a park that is already in existence. Upgrades may be more affordable and you can get your park up and running sooner. Call us today to explore the options.
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