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Tools and Support to Strengthen Your Business

Jellystone Park is much more than a typical campground. In addition to traditional campground operations, our franchisees provide guests with robust recreation/activity programs, large retail areas offering literally hundreds of exclusive branded items, unique themed elements, and more. It’s not reasonable for a franchisee to be an expert in all of those different areas, so the Camp Jellystone team provides all franchisees with a variety of training opportunities and supporting elements so all locations have the potential to succeed and grow year after year. In addition to our Brand Standards Manual which acts as a resource for all Jellystone Park franchisees, Camp Jellystone offers multiple support options and customized learning options which are provided to location team members who work in a specific area/department of a park.

Training for Your Operations and Recreation Teams:

We know that it’s not simple or easy to operate a Jellystone Park location. That’s one of the many reasons why our Operations and Recreation specialists are available to provide guidance and support to all franchisees year-round. Each location is assigned a Camp Jellystone Operations representative who can answer any questions a franchisee has and can provide them with ongoing advice, training, and assistance whenever it is needed.

In addition to personalized meetings (by phone, virtually, or in-person), our Operations team members plan franchisee events filled with specialized training programs that are informative yet fun. After all, the Jellystone Park brand is built on fun.

In the Spring, Camp Jellystone invites all new owners and managers to our Certification and Management Program (CAMP), a multiday training session designed to teach new members of the franchise how to operate a Jellystone Park location. Also in the Spring, we conduct our Caring About Recreation Education (CARE) program which is a multiday training event for location recreation leads to learn the latest information and best practices regarding new attractions and activities to incorporate into a location’s recreation program to maximize guest satisfaction, return visits, and ancillary revenues. CARE is designed for both new locations that need to plan and build a recreation program from scratch and long-standing locations that are always looking to continue growing and enhancing their existing offerings.

In November, Camp Jellystone hosts owners and operators of all Jellystone Park locations across the United States and Canada at our annual Symposium where franchisees spend a week learning, networking, and preparing for the upcoming season. Visit the Symposium website for more information regarding the Symposium conference and our annual trade show.

In addition to our training programs, we also provide franchisees with access to approved vendors who provide exclusive Jellystone Park discounts to our franchisees because of our brand’s large overall purchasing power. These vendors include partners that create statues, signage, photo ops, and more that can help you fully theme your campground as a Jellystone Park location.

Jellystone Park Merchandise and Store Set-Up:

The Jellystone Park merchandising line is one of the many reasons why Jellystone Park locations generate much higher average revenues than traditional campgrounds. Most of our franchisees have little retail expertise before joining our brand, so our Retail team is always available to provide guidance to franchisees regarding merchandising mix, ordering, store set-up, store fixturing suggestions, and general merchandise strategies so locations can maximize the revenues and profits they generate from their retail floor space. Such in-house expertise is invaluable given that the Jellystone Park retail line offers several hundred exclusive branded items to choose from ranging from souvenir T-shirts and drinkware to stuffed animals (our top-selling category) and blankets.

In addition to the overall line of branded merchandise, Camp Jellystone vendor partners offer hundred of items that can be customized to feature your specific location name. These “name drop” items range from traditional souvenir T-shirts and glassware to operational items such as welcome rugs (for your cabins) and guest wristbands and car passes.

Based on 2022 data, Jellystone Park locations generated 9% of their total revenues from their retail stores. The same data shows that the average spend per night (for non-seasonal guests) in the retail stores was $17.49.

Marketing Strategies:

The Camp Jellystone Marketing team has a wealth of information about our primary target audience that they share with franchisees to make sure franchisees are communicating the right messaging to the correct target audience(s) to maximize the impact and effectiveness of each franchisee’s local marketing efforts. The Marketing team also shares a variety of branded assets and graphic design services with franchisees so they can promote their location offerings in as professional and successful a manner as possible. The local marketing efforts undertaken by each franchisee are complemented by the national marketing efforts conducted by Camp Jellystone and by the consumer messaging distributed to millions of potential consumers via JellystonePark.com, the @CampJellystone accounts on leading social media platforms, the Jellystone Park app, and beyond.

Club Yogi™ Rewards Loyalty Program:

Club Yogi Rewards is a free loyalty program that rewards consumers for staying and spending dollars at Jellystone Park locations with Club Points that can be redeemed for free night certificates and free Jellystone Park™ merchandise. There are currently more than 300,000 members of the Club Yogi Rewards program and data shows that Club Yogi Rewards spend significantly more money at Jellystone Park locations than non-members guests. Our Club Yogi Reward team partners with franchisees to develop custom offers to attract these very valuable consumers to their locations. You can learn more about the Club Yogi Rewards program and join the program at JellystoneRewards.com.

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